OCR Oriocx footwear, supporting the 2019-2020 obstacle courses

The OCR sneakers for this 2019-2020 season

This year with our OCR shoes we are betting on obstacle courses (OCR) in the 2019-2020 season. Not only bringing our specific shoes for OCR closer to runners, but also supporting and promoting obstacle courses in Spain. All this together with the predisposition of many events, companies and associations that want to join the Oriocx project. Our mission is to help the Spanish OCR to gain visibility and practitioners to promote this sport. Therefore, the first step to achieve this mission has been to be pioneers in Spain in the creation of durable, technical and efficient footwear. That thus allows the practitioners of the obstacle courses to finish the races thus achieving their personal goals. There are already quite a few runners who currently enjoy our OCR footwear.

In our OCR footwear, the priority has been durability, assessing the obstacles that currently "destroy" Trail-Running shoes. For this we have used materials that do not absorb water and also drain it to the outside. In addition, we have developed our own sole that drains the water to the outside thanks to the Shark Drain System®; which has been used in our model Oriocx Malmo.

Some of the OCR obstacle courses, companies and associations with which we have collaborated this year are: The Forest Challenge, Desafío de Guerreros, Crows Battle , Medieval Xtrem Race, Egyptian Race, Legion Race, Unbroken Race, Aboriginal Race, Arterana Mud Run, Rompe Patellas, Adventure Race, BootCamp Valladolid, Samurai Xtrem Race, Imperivm Race, Against the DIPG Race, Pegaso Race Luarca, Acho Race, Desafío Atila, Tamarica Warrior , Xtreme Natural Tesorillo, OCR MASTER, Dynamik Pro, OCRA ESPAÑA and its regional delegations.

First of all we want to thank all these associations, companies and events for allowing us to be part of their projects. We hope that we will continue to collaborate in the coming years to achieve that mission.

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