Our Story

Our products are inspired by a passion for nature and living a healthy lifestyle and these values are shared by all of our team here at ORIOCX. We combine this passion with our vast experience in the manufacture of quality footwear, dating back to 1948.

ORIOCX footwear provides the quality that everybody on our team has always dreamed of wearing.

For that reason, we strive to develop and design technologically advanced footwear for men, women and now also children.

Since ORIOCX first came onto the market we have constantly evolved to become the renowned brand we are today, offering a continuously improved technical range of footwear that uses the best quality materials.

We are passionate about ensuring that this culture is reflected in every aspect of our brand at ORIOCX: a vision that revolves around a dynamic, active and passionate spirit that comes to life through technologically advanced footwear that satisfies even the most demanding customers.

In recent years we've achieved many milestones and each one has been inspired by our dreams. We believe that effort is the key to success and that quality must come before everything else.

Since we started exporting to other countries, we have learnt valuable lessons about our industry: based on design and innovation. We have learnt about the needs of different European consumers and we strive to offer products that meet the needs and demands of each market. Innovation is at the core of everything we do.

We consider ourselves extremely privileged to be part of this small family and to be able to extend our family to include all of our dedicated partners: our suppliers, our agents, our clients and people like you: all of whom love nature and high-quality technical products. We enjoy being around people who are excited, interested, curious and eager to go one step further.

We don’t believe in becoming complacent. We strive to innovate through new technologies and products that will help you enjoy nature to its fullest. It’s time to keep exploring.

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