Learn more about the new shoe for OCR, Oriocx SPARTA.

What are OCR races?

OCR stands for (Obstacle Course Racing) or obstacle courses. The obstacle races that are breaking it in recent years, also known as OCR races, include obstacles that are a little more advanced and varied than the classic and innocent fences, pits, walls... and there are many types of OCR races, which vary in its distance, surface, degree of difficulty, number of obstacles... Some of the most famous are the Spartan Race, the Bestial Race, the Farinato Race and the Eternal Running.

What shoes should I use for this type of OCR race?

The fundamental characteristics to take into account when choosing a shoe focused on obstacle courses would be to choose a shoe that is comfortable, light, breathable, has good drainage and with studs on the sole that give good grip. The vast majority of OCR races run through terrain with different characteristics, normally irregular in some of its sections, with mud, deep water areas, rocky areas, etc... it is necessary to use footwear that is adaptable to all types of terrain. It must also have more specific technical characteristics to help us solve the different types of obstacles that we are going to encounter. That is why we want to present you the ORIOCX SPARTA model, a technical model focused on this type of OCR races.

Why is the Oriocx Sparta model indicated for OCR races?

The Sparta shoe was designed for use in steeplechase. It is an innovative model in terms of its technology, composed of non-absorbent, liquid-repellent synthetic materials. This means that after entering the water with them, when they go outside their weight does not change. This is because it does not accumulate any water apart from being evacuated when running thanks to its drainage system. Its sole provided with studs adapts to different ranges of terrain, from soft to hard. With good grip and excellent water evacuation, it becomes an all-terrain shoe. The drop of the Sparta model is derived at 10mm. to have a combination of cushioning and stone protection. The Sparta model is equipped with a series of reinforcements and stitching. Strategically made to offer the best guarantees in terms of stability and security. It is a model that due to its characteristics and qualities is also suitable for other types of sports. These are: Trail, Swimrun, Canicross, Agility, Orienteering…

We are proud to be the pioneer brand in Spain in creating a specific shoe for OCR, our OCR Oriocx Sparta shoe:

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