Our unstoppable Oriocx athletes in last weekend's obstacle races

Our unstoppable Oriocx athletes in last weekend's obstacle races. Albert Soley, Alejandro Samper and Irati Beorlegi achieve incredible results in their respective competitions.
Albert Soley winning the Spartan Race Mallorca Super (10k)

Last weekend our athletes participated in the following competitions: Spartan Race Mallorca and Black Mamba Race. On Saturday, October 23, Irati Beorlegi participated in the Black Mamba Race to continue with the leadership in the national obstacle course championship. Finally, Irati Beorlegi took the victory taking the first place a long way from the next runner. This time she competed alongside her Oriocx Etna 21 Pro to take this big win.

Irati Beorlegi entering the Black Mamba Race victorious

That same day Albert Soley and Alejandro Samper competed in the Spartan Mallorca in the Super category (10k) . Both decided to compete together with their Oriocx Etna 21 Pro. Finally, Albert Soley took the victory with a tight first place while Alejandro Samper took 6th place a very short distance from the podium. Without a doubt, a very close and competitive race.

Albert Soley winning the Spartan Race Mallorca SUper (10k)

Alejandro Samper entering the finish line after achieving 6th place

On Sunday, October 24, Albert Soley participated in the same Spartan Race Mallorca, but this time in the Sprint (5k) category. Finally, Albert Soley took third place after a penalty in one of the obstacles. The competition was so close that the winner was not decided until the last moment. Without a doubt, a successful weekend where our athletes gave everything to achieve incredible results. We are very proud of the start of our athletes with their Oriocx Etna 21 Pro! We're sure this has only just begun.

Oriocx Etna 21 Pro, the model with which they competed

The ORIOCX family continues to take OCR (Obstacle Racing) by storm!
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