ORIOCX ELITE TEAM | Stomping on Steeplechase (OCR)

Our OCR sneakers are going to go well together!

Our OCR Oriocx Malmo and Oriocx Sparta shoes will help our Oriocx Elite Team to overcome all obstacles along the way. Our team will compete globally in both the OCRA league and the Spartan Race league.

Today begins an important chapter in our OCR project, as we will position ourselves globally. This means that our OCR-specific shoes will catch up with international brands like Inov8 or Salomon. For this we have had renowned athletes in the world of obstacle courses.

Being pioneers in Spain in the development of specific shoes for OCR, we wanted to surround ourselves with the best. We detail below the athletes who have joined our project and who will take Oriocx to the international arena:

  1. Juan José Rodríguez - OCR athlete from the Canary Islands. Spartan Race League.
  2. Alejandro Samper Jara - Ocr athlete from Valencia. Spartan Race League.
  3. Isa Ferrero - ocr athlete from Asturias. Spartan Race League.
  4. Francho Alvarez Manzano - Ocr athlete from Aragon. Spartan Race League.
  5. José María Resano - Ocr athlete from Aragon. Cra League and Spartan Race League.
  6. Miriam Araujo Goicoechea - Ocr athlete from Navarra. Cra League and Spartan Race League.
  7. Irati Beorlegi - Ocr athlete from the Basque Country. Cra League and Spartan Race League.
  8. Elena Rueda - Ocr athlete from Catalonia. Spartan Race League.

All our athletes carry in their DNA a passion for steeplechase and the "Life is Outdoor" philosophy. We are proud to have the support of these great athletes. His mission is not only going to be limited to putting Oriocx in the international arena. In addition, they will be able to help us establish the Spanish OCR as the European reference in this sport. See you all in the mud!!!

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